SZELES Stage Hypnotist



Fee from: $1500  
CREDITS: HBO, Nextel, Intel, Apple,Stanford University,University of Vermont

SZELES' interest in performing began at the age of 16 when he would drive his younger cousin to magic shops around the Detroit area, and he started performing magic tricks for birthday parties here and there. It wasn't until SZELES moved to Los Angeles in 1974 that his talent took off. Getting a job in a second floor magic shop on Hollywood Boulevard, SZELES doubled the owner's business in just two weeks performing and then selling the tricks he had demonstrated. After a little more than a year SZELES was home sick for Detroit and moved back, giving up magic and began to study metaphysics. It was this studying that would lead SZELES into the world of Hypnosis. Feeling the need to travel again, SZELES once again found himself back in California; this time in San Francisco. About the same time a new tourist attraction opened up on Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, it was there that SZELES made a name for himself as the Rainmaker. Performing on a specialized vehicle which he claimed could make rain! SZELES would draw large crowds and make them laugh with his witty patter only to soak them with a heavy dose of rain (really a hidden sprinkler system) , and pass the hat for donations. In-between shows SZELES would read books. It was in the book Psyscocybernetics, that would lead him to hypnosis.

First trying self-hypnosis and liking the sense of being well rested, relaxed and the euphoric feeling it brought to him, he bought a book on hypnosis and within days was hypnotizing his friends. SZELES studied clinical Hypnosis and holds State certification. Missing the fun and excitement he had experienced as a street performer on the wharf, SZELES decided, after several months of private practice, to return to what he loved most - performing to crowds for good-humored fun! Thus began the birth of his new career - stage hypnotism.
Performing stage hypnosis now for over twenty years, SZELES has performed for a wide variety of clients from colleges, the USO, to corporate parties and private functions. He holds the distinct honor of being the first person to perform a live show at San Jose's Winchester Mystery House on what other date but Friday the Thirteenth!! He recently returned from the United Kingdom where he performed several shows for a quaint local pub located in Nottingham, England reputed to be the oldest pub in the county - known as "The Trip To Jerusalem" founded in 1189AD...

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