Johnny Silver



Fee from: $150  
CREDITS: Harry Potter Happening (over 400 kids), helped raise $20,000 Charity event

My name is Johnny Silver and I'm a professional Magician/Mentalist from the Rockford area. I got my start at the Rockford Public Library and have been doing magic for over 15 years. Some of my clients include: Rockford Memorial Hospital, Kenrock Community Center, Boyscouts of America , and Charlottes Web Entertainment to name a few. I have many different options you can choose from such as : stage shows, upclose, adults and childrens shows. Its also fun to be behind the bar because people crowd around and it raises the "party" atmosphere, but most importantly they keep buying drinks! :) My job is to be a hospitality you can offer, get people talking and having a good time, and to bring more people to your business.
1. My shows "pack small and play big", so there's not alot of space taken up or lugging huge "props" in.
2. There is TONS of audience participation-this make memories that your guests will associate with your business!
3. There's no lame jokes or "embarrassing" moments-just powerful entertainment.
If this sounds like something you would like to offer your customers, clients, or friends...
Look no further than Johnny Silver Magic

Contact me at yahoo mail : johnnymagic77

Categories: Variety Act, Magician, Child Entertainer