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CREDITS: General Motors, United Airlines, Canadian Tire, Westinghouse, etc.

As a full-time professional entertainer/speaker with over 15 years' experience, Cris Johnson has helped clients such as General Motors, United Airlines, Westinghouse, Canadian Tire, US Foodservice, the Buffalo Bills and many others make their events unforgettable, interactive and fun!

"The Top 7 Reasons You Should Hire Cris Johnson For Your Special Event"

1. 100% NON-OFFENSIVE COMEDY: Cris Johnson believes that you can have laugh-out loud, side-splitting entertainment for your event with NO off-color humor or four-letter words. In this day and age, it's not worth it to bring in an entertainer who might offend someone in your group...because YOU will be the one who looks bad!

2. AMAZING MAGC & MIND-READING: After several years' experience, Cris has found that most adults feel that "traditional" magic is just for kids. Others have felt the same way. Therefore, we've found that all adults enjoy Cris' unique brand of entertainment that he calls "MIND ILLUSIONS," which involves picking up the thoughts of spectators, sending thoughts TO spectators, and even causing members of your group to display mind reading abilities! This is far more mystifying and interactive and is a far more memorable form of corporate entertainment than the usual "pick a card" tricks or "saw a lady in half" tricks that the usual magicians offer.

3. MORE AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A STICK AT: What truly makes for memorable entertainment is how involved are your guests... How involved are they with a DJ? Not very much. Cris Johnson gets your group directly involved in fun ways that will make them the STARS of the event. PLEASE NOTE: this is all done in tasteful ways and your group members are NEVER the brunt of jokes...they'll leave the event empowered, amazed and thrilled...guaranteed!

4. TABLE-TO-TABLE FOR DIFFERENT EVENTS: Maybe your group wants someone who can visit each table and "warm up" the crowd before the main event. Maybe you need a stage act that everyone can watch together and enjoy...or maybe you want both! With Cris' "MOBILE MIND ILLUSIONS," your group members will enjoy Cris' easy-going humor and amazing entertainment up close and personal, right at their chairs as they experience amazing "mind illusion" entertainment literally inches from their eyes!

Here's a sample of what your group will experience:

- Cold, hard steel forks bend and twist, right before your eyes..and in many cases, in your hands!

- The time on a spectator's watch changes...while in his/her hands!

- And a LOT more...

The best part? This entertainment can be done ANYWHERE, with no restrictions as to seating or group size, making it SUPER easy to use!

5. EASY-TO-USE STAND-UP / STAGE ENTERTAINMENT: Why do we say "easy-to-use?" Simple...Cris' programs set up in most cases less than five minutes...and Cris even includes his own PA system and wireless microphone to make sure you & your guests can hear everything clearly as well as see everything.

Here's a sample of what your group will see, experience and participate in during Cris' high-energy, laugh-filled "MIND ILUSIONS" stage shows:

- Cris' "Mind Reading Raccoon" will keep your guests laughing even as the lifelike 'animal' reads the minds of two spectators!

- A fun-filled adventure for one guest who goes on a quest to "capture" a famous TV celebrity!

- People in your group will "Become Mind Readers" as they receive Cris' thoughts from their own seats, reproduce drawings that cris sends to them telepathically, and even send thoughts to each other!

- An imaginary trip to a Chinese restarurant for 4 diners

- One lucky guest will be sent on an imaginary "Dream Vacation" as the rest of the guests make all the decisions about the trip...Cris later shows that he somehow PREDICTED all of the choices everyone made days in advance!

- And a LOT more!

6. MOTIVATIONAL & KEYNOTE PROGRAMS: In addition to his popular after-dinner / banquet entertainment, Cris also offers a few motivational/keynote presentations. The programs are high in content but very entertaining as Cris shows your group fundamental "success principles" and copywriting techniques. You'll be thrilled as you watch Cris hold the attention of your group in ways that most speakers could not imagine. His programs include:

- "$uccess Magic" - Cris covers his "5 Steps To Success" system that ANYONE can use in ANY occupation to: make more money, achieve goals, harness his/her own personal power, manage his/her time easily, and more.

- "Discover The Power Of Your Potential" - a customizable program that fires up your group, motivates them with stories of inspiration and covers a simplifed formula for success.

- "Copywriting: The Secrets Of Writing Your Way To A Successful, Profitable Business" - Cris teaches your group the fundamental secrets of to effectively write ad copy for postcards, yellow page ads, lead generation letters, sales letters, website copy and much more.

These fun, information-packed talks are sprinkled with clean humor, magic, mind reading and stories of inspiration to effectively hold the attention of your group. Time will fly by and your group will leave these presentations with effective "tools" that anyone use to literally change their lives.

7. 100% "TEAR UP YOUR CHECK" GUARANTEE: How many other speakers or entertainers actually guarantee their work? Not many! After 15 years and hundreds and hundreds of presentations, Cris knows the value and effectiveness of his presentations, but more importantly, so do his clients!

Cris' guarantee is simple: If for ANY reason you're not satisfied with Cris' program, he will tear up your check on the spot. It's that strong! Don't worry, though, in 15 years, no one has EVER wanted to take him up on his guarantee...and we have a large collection of testimonials to prove it!


Cris does 25-30 presentations a month and he travels all over the U.S. and Canada, so to avoid losing your date and time, we suggest you book Cris Johnson TODAY!

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