Tim Davis


Motivational Speaker in NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA

Fee from: $1000  
CREDITS: PBS, CBS 48 Hours, USA Today, NY Times, NY Daily News, Ariz Republic

Tim Davis, President of The Tim Davis Network (TDN), is a stand-up comedian who suffered from severe stage fright, which hindered his career when he needed it most -- during his pre-interview to perform on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. From that moment on, Tim devoted his life to studying the applications for cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and adapted them into powerful techniques for stand-up comedians. Tim quickly learned that the same techniques used on stage could be applied to improve management skills, enhance sales performance, become more effective in the classroom, unlock creativity and enrich personal relationships. Today, Tim Davis is the only personal and business coach who uses comedy techniques with cognitive behavioral techniques to conquer life's most important moments. He has helped hundreds of business people, sales people, teachers, writers and entertainers learn to be at their best when they need it most!

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