Tricia Hasenclever


Motivational Speaker in LINDSAY, ONTARIO, CANADA

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CREDITS: Speaker, Humorist, Author

There is a very old saying in our society... that laughter is the best medicine.
But with today's hectic and stressful pace, how many of us forget to laugh at life?

Speaker and Humorist, Tricia Hasenclever, is here to help us revive our ability to Learn with Laughter.

Born in Canada with European parents, Tricia learned at a young age that looking at things through humourous eyes helped her to cope with the cultural clashes in her upbringing.

Not long after graduating from the University of Toronto, Tricia traded in her job as a corporate trainer for the thrill and challenge of becoming a 911 Police Dispatcher. She was attracted to the adrenaline rush that comes from helping others during their worst emergency situations. Tricia received many commendations as a dispatcher and participated in disaster scenarios. She attributes her 911 training and experience for her ability to understand and cope with stressful situations.

After nearly a decade, Tricia's entrepreneurial spirit came to the fore and she started her own sales business, moving quickly into the top 2% of her field. She then made it her goal to help others achieve their dreams and proceeded to build and manage her own sales team with production in excess of $2 million dollars. Tricia attributes her sales and business experience for her belief that with the right attitude and encouragement we can turn dreams into reality.

Today, Tricia has taken her unique brand of wisdom and humour on the road. Her Learn with Laughter Seminars have been featured in the Toronto Star, she writes her own column and she is the co-author of "Expert Women Speak Out". Her goal now is to share with others the lessons she has learned - keep an open mind, learn from your mistakes, laugh along with life and always believe in yourself.

Tricia's background has given her a unique insight into a diverse number of subjects. Whether it's learning how to cope with stress, turning dreams into reality, overcoming fears or creating team spirit - Tricia Hasenclever truly believes that you can Learn with Laughter.

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