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CREDITS: Providence, Polar Central and Engine Rooms, all in Brighton, TVBrighton

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Coming from a musical background with musical parents and grandparents, I started learning the piano at age 7 in 1985 and began collaborating at age 14 with a friend called Jon Bishop, later, I began learning the drums and this developed into a band in 1998 called Reverb where the line-up consisted of 5 members, Sergio Paoletti(vocals), James Durnford(bass), Chris Kendall(guitar), Jon Bishop(guitar), and myself on drums.

I made a strong contribution to the bands writing of songs and have played many live gigs, this band went from 1998-2000, I've also been drummer/songwriter of bands Silver Sound and Reaburn, also featuring Sergio and James, other members featured: Dave Bolstridge and Carlos Izagurre.

In 2001 I decided to study a National Diploma in Music Tech because I became interested and passionate about music production, which I passed in 2003 with a score of Merit.Since 2002 I've also been a stand in drummer for my Dads band Music box.

I am in my own bands too with different line-ups called Pyro & Anboosh(2004-present day), Pyro line up: Myself, (drums), James Durnford,(bass/vocals, Ben, guitar ), Anboosh line up: Jon Bishop(guitar/vocals), Myself(drums) featuring session bassists.

My personal influences for my solo atmospheric music are Gyorgio Ligeti, the composer from the film 2001: a space odyssey, Howard Shore, Enya, James Horner, Cliff Martinez, Deeply Chilled Euphoria and Chilled Euphoria.

I have volume 1 of a two volume set of E.P,s written, arranged and produced by myself called "Outworldly Sublime"(2003-04).

During this time I'd regularly been a sound assistant for Nohyperecords, setting up PA systems and helping him run his shows, but from July 2005 I have run two of my own label shows at different Brighton Venues(Providence/Polar Central).

In January 2005 I created my own record label TT&TRecords which has two current releases: Jon Bishop(once upon a time) and Jack Psychosis (Hyperventilate EP, from the soon to be released album: Diluted Rainbow Colour Subplots), my label shall have an official site in early 2006.

My most recent project(2005) is Jack Psychosis, in February I chose to re-invent myself as a sci fi/psychedelic stage character and use experimental electronic synthesizer-based music featuring atmospherics to help tell a story on stage, influences for this include Freudstein, Daddy Fantastic, David Bowie, Arthur Brown, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Mansun, Prodigy, Gary Numan, I have done this show live 3 times so far successfully and in my most recent one was interviewed by TVBrighton who filmed parts of my last label night, at the site links you will find mp3's, photos and more info on the concept of the Jack psychosis show.(currently lasting 35mins, eventually 50mins).

In the year 2151, cyber-culture has become a necessary part of human survival, due to atmospheric conditions the brain has to seek clarity by connecting the mind to that of special Man-Machine Mechanisms that translate thoughts and feelings.

It�s a regimented existence under massive domes where there are no individuals.

The city streets are now ruled by tech-thieves that hunt down leftover scraps of biotechnology
to build illegal robots, these hackers have created a unique code which they�ve used to break into the
Master Computers� mainframe.

From here this computer can tap into the consciousness of every living being, android or cyber-Human on the Earth and corrupt them from within and kill individuality.

As society is drawn ever nearer to imminent destruction, a mysterious shape-shifting renegade known only as Jack Psychosis travels back in time to the 21st century disguised as a musician to trick the hackers.(he is half-alien, half human).

To decipher this code, it is discovered that people must hear his music and feel the message subconsciously to find out what it means.

So if the hackers do decide to travel back in time and space to pursue Jack and bring armies of alien warriors, the message from the music will invoke instant annihilation on an atomic level.

Jack�s quest for requisition of souls has begun, the rest is up to you��.

The Jack Psychosis show is not a show like you�d normally expect, it may have lots of instrumental music but there is a story to this show that is narrated, acted out and portrayed on stage.

This is in fact a character piece much like performance art, focusing on a visual representation based on the story of Jack Psychosis and his journeys in the future dealing with a cybernetic/cyberpunk generation.

The intention with this show is to take the audience away to the illusion of Jack�s reality using music and atmospherics to emphasize this in a 60min show or a 30min show.

It�s also likely that a show like this may appeal to a certain kind of audience, such as those who warm to fantasy/fetish or themed fancy dress parties, but obviously we welcome any like-minded individuals.

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