The Killing Kompany®


Murder Mystery in NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA

Fee from: $1000  
CREDITS: Casinos, hotels, resorts, corporations, churches, temples and schools.

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Since 1993, we have performed throughout the country, from coast to coast, for major corporations,casinos, resorts, cruise ships, birthdays, fund-raisers, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners, churches, temples, universities, high schools, elementary schools, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, childrens name it ! What makes us stand out from the others is that we create a new show each time. That's right, each show is different, having been written and created for that performance only. And we can create shows based upon all sorts of themes, but all our shows have this in common: with each show, professional Broadway, TV and film actors are mixed in with the audience and evidence is created in which the audience is implicated as suspects. And prizes are awarded to the winner who can solve the crime! And please check us out. View videos of our TV appearances on CNN (which will give you an idea of what our corporate private shows are like) and on MSG Networks - Metro TV and For Your Island (which will give you an idea of what our open to the public shows are like). Also you''l find copies of various newspaper articles and letters of references. Our prices are based on the number of actors you hire and start at approximately $1000. Because our pricing is so competitive, we ask you to keep it in confidence and not discuss it with anyone. Thank you.

Categories: Comedian, Variety Act, Murder Mystery, MC, Child Entertainer, Actor, DJ