James Reid, Juggler Extraordinaire



Fee from: $400  
CREDITS: Tempe Festival of the Arts, Glendale Glitters, American Express, Honeywell

James Reid, Juggler Extraordinaire presents superb entertainment for all ages. Over twenty years of experience in bringing a fun, personal, and professional style to all types of events guarantees a good time for all. Hilarious audience interaction will keep you laughing while amazing feats drop your jaw!

Stunning tricks include eating an apple while juggling and hula-hooping and the amazing combination of a real bowling ball, tennis racquet, and baseball bat! In addition to spectacular juggling, yo-yo tricks and diabolo (Chinese yo-yo) are also part of the fun. Amazing fire and sword juggling can be added when the situation permits.

Stage shows - outdoor performances - walk around entertainment

James has a presentation to fit your event. He is experienced with entertaining groups at corporations, festivals, libraries, schools, birthday parties and so many more. Shows are designed to suit the audience, from 4 to 104, all ages will be entertained. Contact for a promotional packet.

Lessons can also be a great activity to follow a show or on their own. Join in the fun and become one of the thousands James has taught how to juggle, yo-yo, and diabolo! Juggling improves eye-hand and left-right brain coordination while actually growing areas of your brain! All this in a fun and healthy activity that is easier than you think. Beanbags, scarves, yo-yos, and diabolos can be made available for sale or built into the total cost.

Blacklight Juggling Show

Looking for a show that mesmerize and drop jaws? On its own, or as part of a Juggler Extraordinaire show, the Blacklight will stun you with an amazing visual feast of brilliant light trails. In this presentation of light and sound, expert juggling and manipulation will be seen from a whole new perspective. Truly a magical experience you will never forget.

Insured � Experienced � Flexible � Fun!

Categories: Comedian, Variety Act, Child Entertainer, Juggler, Circus Act