Perry Kurtz



Fee from: $500  
CREDITS: Headlined all across US, Tonight Show Writer, Seen on ABC

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The Perry Kurtz Saga

Perry was born in 1951 in Philadelphia at 2:32am. As a 10-year-old Cub Scout, he briefly entered the entertainment field when he threw his voice into a sock and began giving puppet shows at local playgrounds. Graduating from Northeast High School in 1968, he attended The Hussian School of Art in downtown Philly. After graduation in 1972, he began freelancing for national label companies creating finished art for Pepsi, Tab, Sprite, Levi Strauss, Gerber, & Polaroid, including the design of the Seven Up "bubble pattern" logo in '74. In 1976, he became the art director of Neibauer Press, a religious publishing house just outside of Northeast Philly making an outrageous amount of money.

After 2 years of high pressure, a nervous breakdown, people asking, "What are you? A comedian?", his close friends advised that he should get into comedy. He quit his directorship and entered a talent show at The Crazy Horse Saloon in New Jersey, taking a $50 first prize for singing a parody of "Eleanor Rigby". He took a comedy workshop, and then, with his last $500, a suitcase, electric guitar, and roller skates he equipped with headlights, he moved to San Francisco to become a real comedian.

He started slowly by working the road. In a few short years he moved from opening act to headliner as his act and talent developed. By 1985, he was averaging 30 to 40 weeks a year headlining comedy clubs across North America and Canada.

Just before his birthday in 1991, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he became a paid regular and leader of The Comedy Store Improv Players at The Comedy Store in Hollywood and Dangerfields in New York City. He has performed at everything from tractor pulls to The Black and White Ball in San Francisco for the then Vice-President George Bush Sr.

He currently resides in Downtown Los Angeles, where he is now "married with 4 children" and works as a voice-over artist, comedy consultant, motivational speaker, Humor Instructor, and continues to appear at public, private, and corporate events, as well as headlining comedy clubs around the world.

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