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Whether on stage or in the office, people love to feel good about working together. Many of the techniques and skills that are used and developed in improv comedy are directly applicable in the business world. According to Harvard Business Online, �Working on improvisational techniques can improve communication skills in four areas: listening to others, building on the work of others, being honest with your team, and accepting the team's work.�

Take your team to new levels with my unique approach to teambuilding. Using the principles of improv comedy, your teams will learn creative problem solving, create group trust and communicate more effectively. Virtually every business function - team building, design and development, sales, marketing, change management, organizational development, or customer service - can be enhanced by improv's compelling innovative tools and principles.

Workshops begin with an explanation of basic principles which lead to successful comedy improvisation and how these principles relate directly to successful business interactions. I then involve the participants in improvised games designed to highlight key corporate values and get your employees working together with a group mind. By working in teams, we eliminate the fear of the individual and focus instead on harnessing the energy and excitement of the group. All of the workshops are highly interactive, low pressure, and lots of fun. When people are having fun, they're relaxed. When they're relaxed, they're listening and communicating, and that's when the real teambuilding takes place.

WHAT WILL THIS WORKSHOP DO FOR YOUR TEAM? Manage stress by showing team members how to use humor to alter the way they look at and respond to stimuli which normally causes stress

Participants find the compelling story in any content material, and present that story in a persuasive and clear manner

Loosen inhibitions, raise positive awareness, and build confidence and trust among team members

Communicate better and listen more effectively in daily situations

Break bad habits impeding successful communication

Connect without judgment and create a fun environment

Think on their feet and become more comfortable dealing with the inevitable unknowns in the business world

Understand the importance of physical presence and body language

Identify and gain confidence in personal communications style

Create new ideas quickly

Flourish and contribute in team environments by thinking �outside of the box�


"Jacqueline sets a tone of total safety. She really gave constructive feedback and it was very well directed and paced. I think the structure was amazing and overall she pushed me of my comfort zone, but did it in a very nurturing, constructive way! I loved her ideas and the different exercises and felt that the class was extremely entertaining. I kept saying in my head, "Goodie, what is she going to have me do next!?" It was challenging but not too overwhelming and scary. I shined in my own way and the weaknesses were handled with really great direction and humor. All in all I just found the whole thing to be fun, explorative, human, therapeutic, inspiring, playful and kind. Really glad I made it!"

~Heather Fitzpatrick, Traber Fitzpatrick, Inc.

"I can not tell you enough how much I enjoyed the class. How great it is to be outside my head for three hours and laugh as much as I did. It's so nice to know that there are people so warm and open out there. Jacqueline is a great coach- such good feedback."

~Jodi Zaretzky, Tiffany and Co.

The workshop was so great. I was nervous and it took me a year to get the nerve up to come but I don�t know what I waited for! After the first 15 minutes I was so much calmer and my adrenaline was rushing and it felt so great. There is such a comfortable and safe place in your class that it gave me the chance to explore my range and be funny without trying.

~Susanne Steward, The Corcoran Group

The environment for the workshop was awesome. Something about it felt safe and clean and yeah, sacred - more like we were sharing and less like we were performing.

~Amy Lee Pearsall, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.

I loved the workshop. One of my main reasons for being interested in improv was to learn to get out of my head and overcome some of my shyness with people I�m not familiar with. It felt liberating to step outside of myself and focus only on what I had to do in the moment and not 10 steps ahead. My favorite part of the workshop was feeling completely insulated from the world outside, including my every day worries, and just enjoying being able to be a kid again, and play. It was also great to have the performer in me re-awakened. It reminded me how much I enjoy and miss performing. I will integrate what I learned into my personal well being by better being able to live in the moment - or at least be conscious of when I'm drifting off into being hyper-self-conscious. Recognizing that making mistakes or looking foolish is not the end of the world (and can provide for some world-class amusement....) is pretty cool.

~Dora M., CCG Metamedia

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