Eileen Carey



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Eileen Carey

Fresh off the bus in Nashville, Tennessee but definitely not wet behind the ears, Cleveland, Ohio native, sing/songwriter Eileen Carey has been around the music scene for years. Influenced by all the Motown greats and artists like Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, The Beatles and writer Diane Warren, Eileen shows tribute, but unlike so many others, doesn�t mimic what she heard as a child but integrates it and adds her own spin.

At age 8, Eileen�s parents gave her a drum set for Christmas. Then by age 13, Eileen mastered the drums and grew to love singing and writing under the watchful eye of a family that inspired and supported her. Her first solo performance came in the school Christmas pageant where she sang Silver Bells and she hasn�t looked back since.

As so many do, feeling the fences of her small town holding her in, but with the support of friends, family and fans, she packed up and moved to Los Angeles to put herself and her contemporary-country with a splash of blues style to the test as the little fish in the big ocean.

In Los Angeles, Eileen found acceptance and success in the regional music scene. It seemed that all she had to do was open her mouth and who ever was there, even if they came to see someone else, became an instant fan. Releasing two albums, performing at charity events, acquiring several awards for her performances, writing and finding herself with cuts climbing the indie charts, Eileen found a great niche market in L.A. She says, �The greatest moment, for
me, was hearing my song on the radio for the first time.� Eileen was even one of the original �uh-huh girls� that backed Ray Charles in a Pepsi campaign and at the Super Bowl. Eileen also had some success with acting parts in Batman, Hoffa and Basic Instinct.

Now, this driven artist has made her way, as all artist/writers do at one juncture or another, to �the writers� city�, Nashville, Tennessee. It was time to go up against the big guns and put everything she has learned to the test in Nashville.

Eileen Carey, a new kind of artist has a great contemporary country feel that, in our hearts, we are all seeking. In an age where mastering of machinery instead of instruments is hailed, where sampling of the old instead of creating the new is rewarded, and where, �that�s ok, we�ll just fix it in the mix� is more frequent than a one-take-wonder, Eileen Carey breaks the mold of what some call progressive
and others call a throw back. She has the pitch to carry a show without anything but a mic, she has the skill to create new and passionate music with only the influence of the music we all remember and she can play her own drums, if she wants to without a click track or an electrical outlet.

Her favorite part of her career in music is, �Putting a smile on someone�s face. When I see that, I know I have done my job.� Eileen Carey � come let her put a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

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