Sati Achath



Fee from: $2000  
CREDITS: America's Got Talent. The David Letterman Show,

Sati, who was featured in the Late Show with David Letterman, , is an absolute master of the art. He recently appeared in NBC's America's Got Talent.

He has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and many other television channels in the USA and abroad.

He has also been featured in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Baltimore Sun, and many newspapers and magazines in the US and around the world.

His shows have always elicited gasps of admiration from his audience. The way he morphs shapeless shadows into famous personalities, animals and birds and even animated charcters, is a treat to watch.

The utter simplicity of the art form and the perfection it can attain in, literally, the hands of a master, is a sight in itself.

Sati's mastery does not stop at just hand shadows. His other talents include ventriloquism, magic and spot caricature.

Academically, his achievements have been four Master's degrees, fluency in six languages and a recognition by the US Government as a 'Person of Extraordinary Ability'

Sati is available for corporate events, shows at schools, summer camps, or for just about any gathering that needs a valuable value additon.

Categories: Variety Act, Motivational Speaker