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CREDITS: Member International Brotherhood of Magicians

We are all born wlith 5 senses, Warren gives the illusion of having a sixth sense. He uses trickery and deception to create the illusion of having paranormal or supernatural powers. Warren demonstrates that he can control your thoughts, that he can read your mind. He can even tell when you are lying or telling the truth, simple by the sound of your voice. Warren can look into your eyes, the windows to your soul and can see what you are thinking. And by thought projection, predict an object that you will choose even before you choose it. By using mental telepathy and extra sensory perception he can read your thoughts and write them down before you tell anyone what you were thinking about. And you will truly believe that Warren has a sixth sense. Because it is the only explanation that can be derived at, after watching the most mind blowing show you will ever see. Warren offers a first class presentation that involves the audience and is absolutely amazing. He demonstrates an uncanny ability to read minds in an extraordinary 30 to 45 minute show. People don't just watch his show; they actually participate in the experience. So if your looking for something extra special, new and different that will keep your guests/co-workers completely enthralled and talking about your event for weeks and months to come. Call without delay and book a date and time, today.

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