Magical Comedy of Hypnotist Alan Sands



Fee from: $1500  
CREDITS: over 200 fairs & Festivals, 100 colleges & Univerities, 4 amusement parks

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"We enjoyed the performance a lot, and while I might have been a skeptic before, I am definitely a believer in hypnosis now!"

Sharon Richards, Admin. Assistant, Virginia Independent Auto Dealer's Association

Alan Sands skillfully blends your corporate message and / or sponsor's name into a lively, audience participation, situation comedy, corporate comedy stage hypnosis exhibition everyone will remember for a long time?

Company employees and convention attendees go on a "Vacation of the Mind". Alan's comedy hypnosis show id different than other hypnotist because he tells stories that weaves in your corporate message making the show Educating, Entertaining & Enlightening. His comedy hypnosis show uses 12-16 volunteers in a 90 minute show. The experience is limited only by each individuals imagination.


The underlying theme of this corporate comedy hypnosis show is -- well, comedy! Alan brings out repressed emotions inside the volunteers and the audience. Using hypnosis as his vehicle, Alan is a master at taking the imagination to the edge, without coming to close to crossing that edge. His performances are always presented in excellent taste.

"...I keep hearing 'it was the best Holiday Party we've had' and 'I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.'..."

Sharon Barrett, Executive Assistant Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc, WI

In addition to colleges and universities Comedy Hypnotist Alan Sands has delighted audiences at: fairs, festivals & exhibitions; high school GradNites & Post Prom Parties; company picnics & corporate parties; cruise ships & casinos, comedy clubs and amusement parks -- in 45 US States. Alan Sands has done thousands of shows, repeats 85% of his clients, some for up over 18 years in a row! You will understand why once you witness his exhibition of the power of the mind. He delights audiences at trade shows, conventions & corporate parties -- with performance credits that span across Canada, China, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates & South Africa.

Alan takes your mind on a fast-paced comedy adventure everyone will talk about for years ~ and never forget!

"Our students are still talking about Alan's show...two years later!"

Jason Umfress
Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs
Delta State University, Cleveland, MS

"...It was a pleasure having you return this year; Students are already asking if you will be back next year..."

Cory Larnack
Coordinator of Student Activities
Penn State Lehigh Valley

Are you looking for a tasteful comedy stage hypnosis show that pushes the edge just enough to make your students laugh and hoot till they cry? Then look no further! This exhibition skillfully blends audience participation, situation comedy, a bit of improvisation, a touch of spiritualism with sophisticated routines that are both educational, funny HA-HA and down-right beyond belief!

Comedy Hypnotist, Alan Sands takes volunteers on a Vacation of the Mind. The SandMan uses 12-20 volunteers and lasts 60 to 120 minutes. Only a person's individual imagination limits his or her experience. At the same time, The Sands will leave the audience feeling Educated, Entertained & Enlightened as he takes the "stars of the show" from exotic tropical islands to distant planets, from movie theaters to amusement parks, back to their infancy and into the future... Volunteers explore the extremes of their senses; hot & cold, side-splitting laughter, to the thrill of bungee jumping; itching feet, allergies, puppy love and volunteers "dance like no one is watching." The audience will witness the amazing, limitless powers of the human mind as it overcomes pain and feats of strength that will bring them to their feet in total astonishment! Ask to see the FREE DVD DEMO and see for yourself!


The theme of Alan's Comedy Hypnosis Show is, without a doubt - comedy! Alan will bring out the emotion from an audience & he is a master at taking them to the edge, but they never feel like he is going to come to close to crossing it. His performances are always presented in excellent taste.

"...two hours of non-stop laughter! ... It was the funniest show most of us have ever seen..."

Elizabeth Duncan, Staff Assistant to the Dean of Students
Eastern Oklahoma State College

The SandMan has done thousands of shows, repeats 85% of his clients, some for up over 12 years in a row! You will easily understand why ~ once you witness his exhibition of the power of the mind. Alan's college credits include: Emory & Henry, VA; 10 Penn State Campuses; Juilliard; Stanford; 4 Cal State campuses; Kansas University; Miami Dade College, Northern Arizona University, Whitman College, North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rogers State University, Siena Heights University, and so many more it's impossible to list them here.

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