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Fee from: $1500  
CREDITS: Nokia, Cisco, K-Swiss

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Demonstrations / Tours
We're ready to perform at your event! How would you like to showcase the most dynamic new sports, Parkour and Freerunning, ensuring that your crowd sees something different and spectacular! We can help from set design to choreography, even audience participation and immersion through Parkour training seminars. We can tailor a Parkour demonstration to take place on existing surroundings or help design portable equipment that can follow a Parkour / Freerunning tour across cities or across the world. Are you planning an action sports or product launch tour? Would you like more information on Parkour and Freerunning demonstrations?

The Tribe is at home on the set. Working through all phases from planning, locations, casting, talent training, storyboarding, choreography and performance, we are with you every step of the way. We can consult on any size project from a 1/2 day indoor shoot to a multi-site international spot. Tribe members have appeared in commercials for K-SWISS, Malta Leone Bevarages (Bavaria S.A), Wizards of the Coast (Magic the Gathering) and others. Are you working on a commerical? Pitching a commercial? Doing a Spec?

Television / Film
Tribe members have taken part in filming for both television and the big screen. Most recently, work was done for a TV pilot where Tribe members acted as stunt doubles as well as secondary characters. Other Tribe members have worked on projects such as the upcomging Will Smith movie "I Am Legend". We've worked with some of the top stunt coordinators in the world, including Vic Armstrong, Gary Jensen, Tim Trella, and Billy Lucas. We pride ourselves on professionalism - when the director calls we are at an arm's length, and ready to do what it takes to make a shot happen. Have a television or film project?

Live Events
The Tribe's members have vast experience performing for live audiences. Adding the Tribe to your show will bring the excitement level through the roof! Tribe members have performed with Madonna and Paul Simon, as well as performing at the Black Entertainment Television "Up Front" event in New york. We can help with all phases from set design and consultation through choreography and execution. Planning a Live Event?

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