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Motivational Speaker in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA

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It is my pleasure to introduce you to a dynamic professional public speaker, consultant, radio/TV personality, award-winning author of Held Hostage, and breakthrough expert, Michelle Renee. She has been helping organizations and individuals discover and breakthrough the roadblocks to success for the past five years and is now taking her "Hostage No More: 8 Steps to Breaking Through the Roadblocks to Success" message global.

Michelle Renee is the author of Held Hostage: The True Story of a Mother and Daughter's Kidnapping; a book that is now a Lifetime Movie Network world premiere movie airing July 19, 2009. Michelle was not only the Creative Consultant on the movie project, but the Associate Producer as well. With grit and courage, this savvy former bank executive climbed up from the streets as a teenage runaway to the top of the corporate ladder. After being kidnapped and held hostage, along with her 7 year-old daughter, Michelle not only healed but is now helping others to become a Hostage No More to pain, self-limiting beliefs, fear, anger and self-doubt.

With rich story telling, sensitive humor and powerful, energetic real-world solutions, she entertains, inspires, empowers and educates audiences.

Michelle Renee turns complicated, at times uncomfortable subjects into understandable, clear and concise seminars, workshops or keynotes so audiences can actually apply what they have learned into their own lives.

Michelle Renee works with companies and individuals to achieve maximum results at home, on the job and within themselves. Her 2010 topics are:

Personal Safety | Empowerment | Inspiration | Healing & Recovery

- NEW: Naturally Empowered Woman-Personal Safety and Empowerment for Women & Girls
- The Power of Choice: How to Heal with a No Regrets-Take Charge-Love Yourself Attitude
- Radical Re-Invention: Stepping Into Your Powerful Post-Trauma Identity
- PTSD is REAL: The Reality of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for Survivors of Community Violence, Domestic Violence & Child Abuse(includes post trauma art presentation)
- Parenting Through Pain: How to Choose Positive Recovery for You and Your Kids in the Aftermath of Violence & Abuse
- She is Not Me: Nurturing Individuality in the Mother/Daughter Relationship

- Defining Your New Post-Trauma Family: The survivor to survivor connection is one like no other. To look across a table, to read the words of another who speaks our thoughts and truly knows how we feel, to know they too have been there; suddenly we are not alone in the world walking hand in hand with our post-trauma sisters and brothers towards healing, renewal and light. (Family & Youth Involvement Program for Family Driven System of Care)

Corporations/Entrepreneurs: Leadership, Personal Safety & Peak Performance

- The Safety Bubble: Personal Safety & Empowerment for Executives
- Bank Robbery 2010: Best Practices & Positive Healing in the Aftermath
- Breaking Through the Three "R"oadblocks to Success: Regret, Resistance, Resentment
- Corporate Ladder to Life Ladder: What A Business Plan and Your Life Have in Common

Michelle is also available for consulting services on the following types of projects:

- Television/Film Scripts & Projects: Post Trauma Mental Health Issues & Home Invasion/Kidnapping/Hostage/Bank Robbery
- Bank Robbery Training: Development of New Policies/Procedures for Employee Protection, Training and Aftermath Response

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