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Fee from: $250  
CREDITS: 98 Rock, DC Improv, Comedy Central Laugh Riots Finalist

Rob started his comedy career in Mclean, Virginia. He quickly became the greatest comedian of all time. It wasn�t long before his humor was curing cancer, impregnating infertile woman and feeding the homeless. If you think Brian Regan�s funny, you�re right. Rob�s act is the perfect marriage of sex and love. It�s hot, unadulterated and intense yet sensitive, caring and unconditional. Rob�s stage presence alone will get him into heaven. His unique insights often convince the police to look the other way. Which one doesn�t fit? The invention of the wheel, the Berlin Wall being torn down, Rob Maher�s bit on abortion or Neil Armstrong stepping foot on the moon? If you said the Berlin Wall being torn down, you�re right. He loves animals. Rob is a firm believer that �no� means �yes� and pepper spray means �do me harder.� Rob Maher�s act is a good book, a glass of single malt scotch, a comfortable pillow, a secluded stall in an adult bookstore, a Jimi Hendrix solo, a scene from Apocalypse Now, a pay per view prison riot and the sun setting over the ocean. It�s everything you ever wanted or needed. So go see Rob Maher. Pay lots of money to see Rob Maher. You earned it. You deserve it. Do the right thing. He�s Rob Maher and you�re welcome.

Categories: Comedian, MC, Actor