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Fee from: $250  
CREDITS: 98 Rock, DC Improv, Comedy Central Laugh Riots Finalist
Rob started his comedy career in Mclean, Virginia. He quickly became the greatest comedian of all time. It wasn’t long before his humor was curing cancer, impregnating infertile woman and feeding the homeless. If you think Brian Regan’s funny, you’re right. Rob’s act is the perfect marriage of sex and love. It’s hot, unadulterated and intense yet sensitive, caring and unconditional. Rob’s stage presence alone will get him into heaven. His unique insights often convince the police to look the other way. Which one doesn’t fit? The invention of the wheel, the Berlin Wall being torn down, Rob Maher’s bit on abortion or Neil Armstrong stepping foot on the moon? If you said the Berlin Wall being torn down, you’re right. He loves animals. Rob is a firm believer that “no” means “yes” and pepper spray means “do me harder.” Rob Maher’s act is a good book, a glass of single malt scotch, a comfortable pillow, a secluded stall in an adult bookstore, a Jimi Hendrix solo, a scene from Apocalypse Now, a pay per view prison riot and the sun setting over the ocean. It’s everything you ever wanted or needed. So go see Rob Maher. Pay lots of money to see Rob Maher. You earned it. You deserve it. Do the right thing. He’s Rob Maher and you’re welcome.

Categories: Comedian, MC, Actor