Joyce Rebar



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CREDITS: DC Improv, Caroline's on Broadway, Comcast on Demand, New Year's Annapolis

Joyce Rebar was born and raised in Maryland and still resides there. However, she is not without an adventurous side. A former archaeologist who had been wanting to return to the field for many years, she finally learned that sleeping late, doing nothing all day, and staying in air-conditioned clubs all night was preferable to getting up at the crack of dawn, spending 8 hours in a hot field, and going to bed early every night.

Joyce took her first comedy class at the DC Improv in October of 2006, and was surprised to find that people actually laughed...a lot...when she was on stage. Told by her instructor that she had an excellent delivery style, and egged on by her fellow students, she took a few tentative steps out into the "real" world of comedy. Since people seem to keep laughing, she reckons she's here to stay.

Joyce's comedy is sort of a mottled, silty loam with elements of witty observation, sarcasm, and downright ridiculousness. Occasionally, she pretends to hate her cat; but this simply is not true. They're currently on speaking terms, even though the cat complains a little too much, for someone who's a lazy freeloader´┐Żbut that's another topic.

Joyce has appeared at the DC Improv; Carolines on Broadway (New York, NY); The Comedy Factory (Baltimore, MD); The Hyatt Regency (Bethesda, MD); Funnybone (Richmond, VA); The Comedy Spot (Arlington, VA); Charlie Goodnight´┐Żs (Raleigh, NC); and many other venues in MD, DC, NY, VA, NC, and PA.

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