The Amazing Sandman



Fee from: $1500  
CREDITS: Consultant to VH1 reality shows, ABC television appearance, others


The mind holds many mysteries. But, none are more intriguing than the mystery of hypnosis. As a
professional stage hypnotist, Dan Sanders has been hypnotizing volunteer subjects since the
mid-1990's. That's when he changed career titles from broadcasting and advertising executive to
certified hypnotherapist.

Having trained as a clinical hypnotist, Dan Sanders is an avid proponent of using hypnosis for
positive change and personal motivation. It didn't take long, however, to learn that his true talent
was using his skills to bring the gift of laughter to audiences through the magical mystery of the
hypnotic state. Today, he is recognized as one of top performing hypnotists in the country.
Dan Sanders is a shining star in the art of stage hypnosis. From his home on the Outer Banks of
North Carolina, he travels extensively bringing his brand of comedy hypnosis entertainment to
corporate, college and comedy venues nationwide. During the summer season, he performs
weekly shows at North Carolina's only regular comedy hypnosis theater.

Dan's goal is to not just to entertain, but to enlighten his audience to the enormous potential of
achieving personal goals through the amazing power of the mind-body connection.


The "Amazing Sandman" Hypnosis Show, featuring hypnotist Dan Sanders, won't just entertain you, it will amaze you! Dan is regarded as one of the best performing hypnotists in the profession of comedy hypnosis entertainment for over 16 years. His hypnotic skills and natural showmanship make a him a standout entertainer. He uses his amazing ability to hypnotize people from all walks of life, allowing his subjects to let go of their biggest fears and bring out their secret star struck personalities!

As a hypnotist, Dan delivers an energetic and highly entertaining hypnosis show. Each show is tailored to the audience in attendance. Dan has performed at thousands of corporate events, college/campus entertainment venues, high schools, fairs & festivals, casinos or just about any place where people enjoy great comedy entertainment.

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