Bryan Dangerous



Fee from: $5000  
CREDITS: MTV, Comedy Central, Tonight Show, NFL on Fox and much more...

Family friendly comedy juggler Bryan Dangerous makes sure you look great in front of the boss by using highly engaging and interactive material that is safe for all ages.

Watch as this entertainer effortlessly juggles and spins basketballs in a perfectly timed routine. Witness the powerful display of balance as a 10 foot A frame ladder floats magically on the chin of this comedy juggler.

Hear the wonderful sound of your fellow attendees or colleagues bursting with laughter at this hilarious comedy juggler 's routines. Listen to the ooh's and ahh's coming from your group as they enjoy the variety of circus skills on display during the comedy juggler 's show.

Feel the benefits of being connected as a group as everyone sits on the edge of their seats waiting for the next object to tossed through the air with the greatest of ease, in this extremely interactive comedy juggler show. Everyone will remember the time one of the managers got pulled up on stage and "took one for the team"!

You even get a totally risk free offer of 100% money back guarantee.

No one wants to be left wondering have I made a mistake hiring a comedy juggler that I have never worked with before so, Bryan Dangerous comes equipped with testimonials from other companies just like yours. If you are not blown away, than you don't have to pay! How is that for risk reduction?

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