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Fee from: $400  
CREDITS: Clubs, corporations, schools

Mind Transformers Matthew and Natalia will have the most sceptical audience amazed and thoroughly entertained with their mental miracles and unique humor. This is not a show built on simple tricks or fortune-telling magicians. Mind Transformers provides and audience interactive stage performance that will astonish your guests.

Matthew & Natalia's style of mentalism and comedy strike just the right chord with everyone from the college student to the company executive. This is one of the most incredible and memorable shows you will ever experience!

Mind Transformers� comedy hypnosis show is a classy alternative to the common music band. Watch in amazement as audience volunteers transform right before your eyes into the mesmerized stars of the show, as they are made to believe that they are singers, dancers and much, much more.

Mind Transformers Matthew and Natalia deliver a show that�s unique, entertaining and fun. They provide maximum audience interaction & fast-paced entertainment on stage. Perhaps most important, Matthew and Natalia can be trusted to treat audience volunteers with respect and make the experience memorable and enjoyable.

Categories: Variety Act, Motivational Speaker, Hypnotist