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Fee from: $250  
CREDITS: Over 1,500 shows at all parties and events, #1 birthday show

Experience the world's infamous traveling live Reptile & Bird Show in Florida and beyond performed by the Critterman. Meet the unique and fascinating ambassadors of reptiles, birds, amphibians & anthopods / anthopods/arachnids (insects, bugs, spiders and scorpions.) Richard has over 30 years of experience with animals. Since childhood he has been fascinated with animals including his pet turtles, hamsters, parakeets, and dogs while feeding them while visiting his home town zoo. Richard has been in the animal industry caring for animal for most of his life and since 2001 has conducted over 1000 educational Reptile & Bird Shows to audiences in Florida and beyond.

Critterman's variety of Reptile & Bird programs are adaptable for all ages and events; birthdays, day cares, camps, libraries, fund raisers, churches, fairs, carnivals, private and corporate parties. Choose what program is right for your special event; interactive, assemblies, walk around, or animal zoo display. The Critterman's interactive presentations are exciting and most important safe and educational. Most of our critters, except for the alligators are our pets and are docile, calm, and gentle natured. Many of his reptiles came from homes which either were not allowed or no longer could care for them. Our reptiles and birds were captive bred and raised here in the United States, not imported from the wild. Audiences can just observe, pet, or hold dozens of critters including; a young alligator, 12' python, birds, lizards, geckos, dragons, spiders, scorpions, tortoises, frogs, bugs, insects and more. Since most of the Critterman's animals are not common pets in most households, everyone will learn interesting factoids and stories about each creature; such as their eating habits, habitat, husbandry, behaviors and any other questions your guests may have. The Critterman also explains the dangers of some of these animals including habitat destruction in their home countries from all over the World.

Critterman's show brings many mixed emotions and reactions from the audience, especially the new fear factor contest with fried larvets and crickets. Everyone will experience a fun educational experience with many smiles, laughs, and a few screams. The audience has the rare opportunity to handle and take up close personal photos of reptiles, birds, amphibians, and of course the anthopods. Many who fear and have phobias are laid to rest after learning how gentle, tame, and unique our animals are. After the Critterman's performance the audience will have had an enjoyable educational experience they will never forget. Some may even acquire some of these species as great pets in the future.

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