Poison Ivy Mysteries


Murder Mystery in SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA

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CREDITS: Done shows for Utah Disaster Kleenup, Western Urological
Each murder mystery starts with an introduction to the characters through scenes and original music that fits the mood and sets up the world you'll be experiencing throughout the show. The scenes that follow set up the characters, and connect the audience to the plot through 'audience participation characters' and interactive songs. A murder then takes place, and the audience is allowed to question the suspects (actors) and formulate ideas on who did it, why, and how. Programs handed out before the show contains pictures and bios on the suspects, and room to take notes for all of the information you gather. Dinner is served during the show. You will also be given a detective kit with ideas of questions you can ask each suspect, and answer cards for you to fill out and give to the stage manager for a chance to win prizes. You (the company or group) provide prizes if you wish.

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