Scarlett James Countess of Burlesque



Fee from: $800  
CREDITS: Montreal Burlesque Festival, BHoF las Vegas, Bentley, Starlink aviation

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I have about 6 different routines, all of them with fantastic costumes and accessories.
Very high in Glamour and Moulin rouge inspired.

Pink Fan Dance: Scarlett performs classic burlesque, with cheeky romantic 6 foot wingspan Ostrich feather fans. A crowd favorite, seductive peel with a saucy reveal!

le Rouge et le noir: a classic performance Scarlett recreates the maiden of old Hollywood, red ostrich feathers fans on a vintage inspired sparkling dress.

Marie Antoinette's Powder Puffs: A royal performance with an exclusive touch! Scarlett gives you a perfect striptease from a royalty inspired gold and white gown, blindingly ornate with thousands of crystals all the way to the pasties. She will sit on her over-size powder puff and play hide and seek with you with double white powder puffs and then, to everyones joy, powder her body with a perfumed shimmer.

Feathery Dream: A 1920's inspired moment, right out of the Zeigfield Follies, Scarlett will dance like a dream with her 12 foot wingspan ostrich fans, the show stopper! Her body covered only by crystal jewels, she will illuminate your event with seductive moves that will leave everyone in awe.

The Shoe Fetish: A cabaret style show around a beautiful leopard-print 4 foot high heel shoe, a vinyl corset, a cane and yellow feathers that will keep you riveted to your seat. A pin up classic for Scarlett who will strip while performing intricate poses on the shoe prop.

The Absinthe (green & Gold) enormous peacock boa and a wasp waisted 18 inches corset dress, dripping crystals and lounging on a crested recamier, Scarlett is interpreting the effect of the absinthe fairy. This number can be accompanied by a live guitar player.

The Crystal Champagne Glass: The ultimate show! appearing in a bright yellow see through couture gown of intricate lace and crystals, Scarlett will play with Large 24 ply ostrich boas. A true vintage mirage tease and strip, she removes all from the glove to the stockings and the sparkling slippers to bathe in champagne! The climax of the show happens as she will bathe in the 5' tall Champagne glass adorned with thousands of crystals and she showers her body with her heart shaped sponge.

Also available; 'White Showgirl', 'Red Lounge Diva' and more!

Categories: Variety Act, Dancers