Band, Musician in ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA

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CREDITS: Since 2003, Cali Stylz has released 14 online albums and numerous hit singl
Biography for Caligula L. Williams Professionally known as "Calistylz" Caligula, who prefers to be called Calistylz, was born in San Diego, California. This 29 year old has traveled the country extensively because his stepfather is a retired Petty Officer in the United States Navy. From coast to coast, Cali has lived in California, Florida and New York ,Virginia ( 7 Cities) ,North Carolina and has now settled in Atlanta, Georgia. Little did he know that he would be living and establishing business in what would become a 'hot bed" for Urban Music in Georgia, and the United States. This area has become famous for music industry greats like Outkast, Cee Lo, Ludacris, Usher and Jermaine Dupri. Time tested artists like LL. Cool J, NAS, Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, and Eminem have influenced his appreciation and inspiration for Hip Hop music. He relates to the Hip Hop music culture in its purest form, but is convinced that the real future for this genre of music is "Universal Hip Hop". Cali defines universal Hip Hop as "something for all the people that is real and can be related to from the streets to the home. All ages of Hip Hop lovers can groove to the beat and hear lessons of life from those who have learned them the hard way. They can listen and "take heed" or "take heart" from lyrics that tell it like it is. They can draw their own conclusion as to their choice for experiencing or choosing not to experience things in life that are positive or things that have the potential to bring you down. Cali has learned the value of acquiring high-tech training and skills as they relate to the real world, and is determined to learn how to master the technique and art of musical production. Cali is readily prepared to deliver his universal message with style that will connect with his fans and let the competition know he is on the scene and is a force which is to be reckoned. As a result of his being fortunate enough to experience the development of different Hip Hop music and attitudes around the country, he has been able to develop a unique perspective and persona with his creative process. This has allowed him to connect on a different level and express his message in a way that transcends geographical boundaries. His unique perspective and creativity has given Calistylz the privilege of featuring on former Black Street vocalist Levi Little's solo Album. He featured on two tracks, "Strong Love" and "Pick up the Phone", remix featuring Yo-Yo and on the Tracey Spencer remix of "Still in my Heart". As Of Dec of 09 Cali Stylz A.K.A Eskimo Summers signed with the well known super-producer Nate"Danja" Hills' New Age Rock Stars (N.A.R.S.) Records. Danja has produced such hits as Pink "Sober", Keri Hilson "Knock You Down", Diddy "Hello, Good Morning" and music for the artist, Justin Timberlake "Sexy Back" and Britney Spears "Get Naked". Caligula is confident that his music will make a lasting contribution and be accepted and understood by many different people with varying points of view, lifestyles and social values

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