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CREDITS: TV's Spring Break With Jerry Springer, The Improv Comedy Clubs, Caroline's

Denny More's interest in the world of magic began at the early age of eight. By the age of fourteen, he was already performing professionally, entertaining and amazing adult audiences. Adding Houdini-style escapes to his act, he was, back then, the youngest-known professional escape artiste in the world. Even though he was still in high school, on weekends, he had become a favorite at corporate banquets & events, fraternal organizations, colleges, night clubs (there were no comedy clubs back then) and resorts. At that time, he also managed to pick up his first national TV appearance. The Alan Burke Show was a show most people DIDN'T want to go on. Burke was a rough & tumble, foul-mouthed, acid-tongued, cigar-smoking, no-holds barred type of TV host. Maybe too young to be nervous about going on the show, Denny went on. Out of character for him, Burke was fascinated by this young, teenage boy who could make a selected card vanish, only to reappear inside an orange.......who could "swallow" a small ball of twine and five razor blades, only to regurgitate them, now threaded on the twine......and who could escape from a regulation, heavy-canvas strait-jacket. The appearance was a success and led to some other TV appearances.

As Denny's show, a constant work in progress, continued to grow, he added a segment made up of extra sensory perception (esp) or mindreading. Although audiences loved the magic, they were enthralled by Denny's apparent ability to read the thoughts of members of the audience and to project thoughts as well. It was a segment of the show that became so popular, it would remain in the show for the rest of his career.

In the early 1970s, Denny met renowned stage hypnotist Norman Ross. A strong friendship began and Ross agreed to teach Denny the art of stage hypnosis, something Denny had always been interested in. After two years of tutoring, Denny was ready to add this hilarious element to his show. It proved so popular, that he created a entirely separate show dedicated to this hysterical art form. In the late 90s, Denny's comedy stage hypnosis show, entitled “HYPNOSTERIA”, was booked for one season at the twelve-hundred seat Showcase Theater at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. After packing the theater for five shows a day, the show was held over for a remarkable twelve years. To this day, it’s a record for any Six Flags location.

As nightclubs became more dance clubs, comedy clubs were born, and Denny jumped right in. Within three years, his comedy-magic and comedy-hypnosis shows landed him as one of the top five specialty acts in the country. He HEADLINED at the top comedy clubs including The Improvs, Rascal's, Banana's, Bonkerz, Zanie's, Funny Bone, the Riveria Comedy Club in Vegas, The Joker's Wild Comedy Club located in The Atlantis in the Bahamas, and he was the first comic-hypnotist to ever be invited to performed at the famous Caroline's Comedy Club on Broadway.

In the mid-1980s, daytime TV talk shows changed, reflecting the current culture at the time. One of the most popular of these shows was The Jerry Springer Show (at one point beating out Oprah Winfrey in the ratings). Like his competitors, Springer decided to dedicate a show to hypnosis. He had his choice of any stage hypnotist in the country. He chose Denny. Denny did a show at Springer's studios in Chicago and was immediately invited back to join Jerry in his "Spring Break With Jerry Springer" show taped in Jamaica. Springer gave Denny the entire hour, introducing him at the beginning of the show, then literally walking off and not returning until the end of the show. To this day, it's considered a Springer classic.

Over the years, Denny has shared the stage with people like singer/songwriter Anthony Newley, actor Malcolm MacDowell, singer/songwriter/musician Emmy Lou Harris, Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora and others. These days, an evening with Denny More includes stand-up comedy, hilarious and amazing comedy-magic, astounding esp and hysterical comedy stage hypnosis. He currently is in big demand at casinos, cruise ships, colleges, corporate events, comedy clubs and theme parks.

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